Automated swimming pool covers for safety and temperature control. Childproof, less water maintenance, reduction in water and heat loss.


POOLSAFE covers provide peace of mind when children are present by being able to support the weight of a youngster, thus preventing potential accidents.

reduction in water and heat loss

Swimming pools lose their heat during the night by radiation. During the day evaporation, further enhanced by wind, causes further cooling of the water. POOLSAFE covers counteract these effects by virtually eliminating evaporation as well as providing an insulated cover.

less water maintenance

Algae growth requires sunlight which is blocked out by the POOLSAFE cover. Therefore fewer chemicals are required to keep the water crystal-clear.

reduction in indoor humidity

Indoor pools create a substantial amount of humidity which requires the use of costly de-humidifiers. These are made redundant by POOLSAFE covers.

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I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your excellent service. I cannot fault it! You and your team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. You have exceeded our expectations and I only wish that everyone that we deal with in Africa could be as professional and faultless like yours. You have an amazing team who you should be extremely proud of and I cannot recommend your company highly enough.

With very many thanks for making this happen all so quickly, we really do appreciate it and love the blue cover!

With kind regards
Leslie Dixon

Hey Carl
Job well done, thanks
And especially to *** whose attention to detail is a credit to your company.


Hi Carl.
I would just like to thank you and your excellent team for service out of this world.
I've never came across any other company who deliver this standard of service.
It is an absolute pleasure, working with you.
Please know that I am a walking testimony of your product and your service.
Once again, thank you!!